Nursing Management for Hospitalization

Nursing Care Plan for Hospitalization
Definition of Hospitalization

Hospitalization is a form of individual stressors that lasted for the individual to be hospitalized.

Hospitalization is a threatening experience for individuals as stressors encountered can lead to feelings of insecurity, such as:
  1. Foreign environment.
  2. Parting with the people who matter.
  3. Lack of information.
  4. Loss of freedom and independence.
  5. Experiences related to health care, more often associated with hospitals, the smaller the form of anxiety or even vice versa.

Focus on Nursing Management for Hospitalization
  1. Minimize the stressor.
  2. Maximizing the benefits of hospitalization provide psychological support to family members.
  3. Preparing the child before entering the hospital.

1. Efforts to minimize the stressor or stressors, can be done by:
  • Prevent or reduce the impact of separation.
  • Prevent feelings of loss of control.
  • Reduce / minimize the fear of injury and body pain.
2. Efforts to prevent / minimize the impact of separation
  • Involving parents take an active role in childcare.
  • Modification of the treatment room.
  • Maintain contact with school activities.
  • Correspondence, meeting school friends.
3. Prevent feelings of loss of control
  • Avoid physical restrictions if the child can be cooperative.
  • If the child in isolation doing environmental modifications.
  • Create a schedule for therapeutic procedures, practice, play.
  • Giving children the opportunity to make decisions and involve parents in planning activities.
4. Minimizing the fear of bodily injury and pain
  • Psychologically prepare children and parents for action procedures that cause pain.
  • Make the game before the child's physical preparation.
  • Bringing parents whenever possible.
  • Show empathy. In elective action whenever possible actions performed by telling stories, pictures. Need to do a psychological assessment of the child's ability to receive this information openly.
5. Maximizing the benefits of child hospitalization
  • Help the development of children by giving parents the opportunity to learn.
  • Provide opportunities for parents to learn about the child's illness.
  • Improving the ability of self-control.
  • Provide opportunities for socialization.
  • Giving support to family members.
6. Preparing children for treatment in hospital
  • Prepare wards according to the stage of the child's age.
  • Orient the hospital situation.

On the first day you should take:
  1. Recommend nurses and doctors.
  2. Recommend on another patient.
  3. Give the identity of the child.
  4. Explain the rules of the hospital.

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