Benefits of Hair in Our Bodies

Benefits of Hair in Our Bodies

In the Head

Hair is like a thread organ that grows in the skin of animals and humans, especially mammals. Hair emerged from the epidermis (outer skin), although derived from hair follicles that are well below the dermis.

The function of hair is to protect your scalp from the sun and the cold. While the existing hair on your head, amounted to no less than 100,000 hair strands and each strand grows in 2 to 6 years. But hair loss will experience every day 50 to 100 strands but new hair will grow.

In the Eye

Function eyebrows in addition to beauty, is to resist sweat and rain on the forehead and then to the eye. Eyebrows can also deepen your face real character.

In the Nose

With the hair on the nose, the bacteria, mold, dust or spores that enter the nose will be blocked and filtered.

Not only that, the hair on the nose also works to increase the humidity of the inhaled air. It is very important for the process of respiration continued.

Mustache and Beard

The function of the mustache and the beard is a sign of secondary sex for men who already of legal age (adult), or in other words as one of distinguishing between men and women.

In the Armpit

As with any other body hair, armpit hair usually starts to grow in at puberty and growth is usually up to the late teens 18-20 years old. Permeation pheromones from the armpit to the level of human development show a link between underarm hair, with sex. Positive response to olfactory stimulus in mammals and the strong sex urge caused by seepage pheromones provide useful clues about the purpose and importance to the human armpit hair. It was said that free hair itself acts as the nature of the "anti-shear" originally so the upper arm to the thorax. More importantly, the original underarm hair so repel moisture from the skin which helps the skin to be dry enough to prevent the growth of bacteria that emit odors.

In the Chest and Abdomen

As with mustache and beard hair functions in the chest and abdomen (usually the man) is a sign of secondary sex for men who already of legal age (adult) ...

In Pubic

Pubic hair is hair that is located on the front and around the genitals. Although the fine hairs have grown since childhood, usually new pubic hair really grew in adulthood, due to the increasing effects of androgen hormones in the skin around the genitals.

Various theories suggest that the function of pubic hair are:
  •      provide warmth
  •      visual indication of sexual maturity
  •      collection of pheromones spending
  •      reduce external friction during intercourse
  •      protective areas overgrown pubic hair, as the region is sensitive

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