Milieu Therapy for Low Self-Esteem, Depression and Suicide

Milieu Therapy for Low Self-Esteem, Depression and Suicide
Milieu Therapy has been around since the late 1800's, when the moral care and therapeutic environment to psychiatric nursing major problem. Milieu Therapy can be a powerful therapeutic tool when dynamic individual and social systems can be combined in a planning and meaningful ways to organize and change the behavior and social relations.

Milieu Therapy is a treatment in which the planning of events and interactions every day therapeutic designed with the goal of improving social skills and build self-esteem of patients. Meanwhile, according to Wilson (1992) Mileu Therapy is the use of the environment for therapeutic purposes. Every interaction with a patient is considered to provide beneficial results in improving function optimally.

The Purpose of Milieu Therapy,  include:
  • Improving patient experience positive mental / psychological.
  • Assist individuals in improving self-esteem.
  • Improving the ability to interact with others.
  • Cultivating an attitude trust others.
  • Prepare yourself back into society and achieve positive health changes / optimal.

Characteristics of Milieu Therapy

Characteristics of Milieu Therapy include:
  • familiar
  • cozy
  • physically and psychologically safe
  • ease of access to basic needs
  • staff appreciate the client
  • accept the client's behavior in response to stress
  • respect the rights and opinions of clients
  • right to informed choice
  • easy supervision 24 hours
  • there is a process of information exchange
  • there are socialization, group interaction, and therapeutic communication
  • share responsibility and client engagement

Milieu Therapy for Low Self-Esteem, Depression and Suicide

The physical environment:
  • The room is comfortable and safe.
  • Protected from tools that could be used to injure themselves or others.
  • Medical devices, pharmaceuticals and medical fluid type, locked closet.
  • The room should be placed on the floor of the entire room easily monitored and health workers.
  • The room interesting by placing a bright posters and increase the excitement of life of patients, bright wall colors.
  • The existence of easy reading, humorous and motivating life.
  • Presents cheerful music, TV and movie comedy.
  • Cabinets to store personal belongings of patients.
Social environment:
  • Therapeutic communication, by all officers greet patients as often as possible.
  • Provide an explanation of each will conduct nursing or other medical activities.
  • Receiving the patient's presence.
  • Do not ridicule, belittle.
  • Improving self-esteem of patients
  • Help assess and improve social relationships gradually.
  • Helping patients to interact with his family.
  • Include the family in the plan of nursing
  • Do not leave the patient alone for too long.

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