Healthy Living Tips for the Elderly

Healthy Living are all ways that can be done to maintain and improve one's health. As these methods are:

1. Eating foods that are nutritious and balanced

Considerable evidence suggests that diet is one of the factors that affect a person's health. With the added person's age, the body's metabolic rate tends to drop, therefore, for the nutritional needs of the elderly, need to be met adequately. Caloric needs of the elderly is reduced, it is caused by the reduction of calories basis of physical activity. Calories are calories needed basis to conduct activities of the body in a state of rest, for example: for the heart, intestine, respiratory, kidney, and so on. So the calorie needs for the elderly should be tailored to their needs. Instructions for elderly menu is as follows:
  1. Menu for the elderly should contain nutrients from various food ingredients consisting of: manpower agents, builders and regulators.
  2. The number of calories that are good for the elderly consume 50% is carbohydrate, which is sourced from komplex carbohydrate (vegetables, legumes, whole grains).
  3. Should the amount of fat in the diet is limited, especially animal fat.
  4. The food should contain large amounts of fiber are derived from fruits, vegetables and various starches, which are consumed by the number of stages.
  5. Using a high-calcium foods, such as non-fat milk, yogurt, fish.
  6. Foods that contain large amounts of iron, such as beans, liver, spinach, or green vegetables.
  7. Limit the use of salt, avoid foods that contain alcohol.
  8. Food should be easy to chew.
  9. Some excellent sources of nutrients should be from fresh ingredients and easy to digest.
  10. Avoid foods that are too sweet, savory, and fried.
  11. Eating tailored to the needs.

2. Drinking water 1.5 - 2 liters

Humans need to drink to replace lost body fluids after conducting its activities, and the water we drink at least 1.5 to 2 liters per day.

Water is of great significance for our body, because water helps the body function, prevent the onset of various diseases in the urinary tract such as bladder stones, kidney stones and others. Water is also a lubricant for the function of bone and hinges, so when the body is dehydrated, then the function, durability and flexibility also decreases bone, especially bone legs, hands and arms. Though the bones are the main support for the body to perform the activity. Another benefit of drinking water is to prevent constipation. To prepare food in the intestine so the body needs water. Of course, without enough water can not be maximal gut works, revealing constipation.

And mineral water or plain water is better than coffee, black tea, soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, ice and syrup. Even the drinks are not good for health and should be avoided, especially for the elderly who have certain diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity and so on.

3. Regular exercise and appropriate

Increasing age, physical fitness level will drop. Decreased ability will be more visible after the age of 40 years, so when the elderly the ability to fall between 30-50%. Therefore, if the elderly want to exercise should choose according to age group, with the possibility of disease. Exercise elderly should be provided with a variety of benchmarks, such as mild or moderate loads, a relatively long time, or are aerobics and calisthenics, not competitive or play.

Some examples of exercise in accordance with the above restrictions, namely, on foot, with all forms of the game that there are elements of golf such as walking, hiking, hill climbing, gymnastics with little difficulty factor and recreational sports can be given. With human muscle exercises can further inhibit the rate of degenerative changes.

4. Rest, adequate sleep

One-third of the time in human life is to sleep. It is believed that sleep is very important for the maintenance of health and the healing of disease, because sleep beneficial to save energy, improve the body immunity and speed up the healing process as well as sleeping sickness body repair body parts that are worn. Most people will feel fresh and healthy after the break. So rest and enough sleep is essential to good health.

5. Maintain cleanliness of the body and the environment

The meaning here is not only keeping the cleanliness of the body, but also the cleanliness of the environment, space, and also the clothes in which people live. That includes cleaning the body are: a shower at least 2 times a day, wash hands before eating or after doing something with your hands, cleaning or shampooing at least 1 time a week, brush your teeth after each meal, clean the nails and holes (ears, nose, navel , anus, vagina, penis), wear shoes when out of the house and put on clean clothes.
Environmental hygiene, house or yard, away from the litter and puddles. In the room or the house, clean the dust and dirt every day, cover the food on the table. Clothing, bed linen, curtains, carpet, whole house, including the bathroom and the toilet should be cleaned periodically.
But keep in mind and realize that the physical condition necessary medapat help from others, but when the elderly are still able to be independent and only attempted briefed.

6. Taking nutritional supplements necessary

In the elderly will be a wide range of organ deterioration, so the metabolism in the body decreases. This led to meet the needs of most nutrients in most elderly are not being met adequately. Therefore, if necessary, the elderly are encouraged to consume nutritional supplements. But keep in mind and consider nutritional supplementation should be consulted and received permission from the health officer.

7. Regular health check

Periodic health examinations and health counseling are key to the success of efforts to elderly health care. Despite not being sick elderly should periodically check their health, because the periodic inspection diseases can be detected early so treatment is easier and faster, and if there are risk factors that cause the disease can be prevented. Follow the instructions and advice of a doctor or health worker, hopefully can achieve long life and stay healthy.

8. Mental and spiritual calm and balanced

To achieve the healthy life is not just physical health that must be considered, but also the mental and spiritual.

9. Recreation

To eliminate fatigue after the move for a week then do recreation. Recreation does not have to be expensive, it can be adapted premises condition and capabilities. Recreation can be done on the beach near the house, the garden near the house or yard if you have a large yard with family and children and grandchildren, sit back and relax in the open. Recreation can refresh the brain, the mind and relaxes the muscles that have been tired from daily activities.

10. Healthy relationships with others

Maintain good relationships with family and friends, because healthy living is not only sane but also must be healthy socially. With the good relationship with family and friends can make life more meaningful that will further encourage a person to keep, maintain and improve their health due to longer enjoy being with the people who loved and cherished.

11. Back to nature

As has been the case, the modern lifestyle has encouraged people to change their lifestyle such as eating fast food, canned food, bottled chili sauce, canned drinks, fruit and vegetable preserves, rarely moving because everything or work can be more easily done with the modern technology such as washing with a washing machine, sweeping the floor with a vacuum cleaner, although traveling by vehicle is near and can be done by foot. This kind of lifestyle is not good for your body and health because our bodies become spoiled, because less moving, the body becomes damaged because of unhealthy foods so that the body becomes flabby and prone diseases.

Therefore, one way to live a healthy life is back to nature or back closer to nature. We do not have to stay away from technology but at least we should avoid canned food, canned beverages, preserved foods, ready meals and have to consume more vegetables and fruits and also fresh drinking water.

12. All that is done, not excessive

To create a healthy living everything we do should not be excessive because it is not made ​​better but instead will make things worse. So do something or do it in accordance with the needs.

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