7 Characteristics of Mental Disorders

There are seven characteristics of a person suffering from a mental disorder, if these traits can be identified by either the disorder be detected very quickly, the sooner a mental disorder is detected then the handling is also faster. Seeing the show on television that displays the number of occurrences Suicide, it is necessary that public participation suicides could be reduced.
  1. Withdraw from social interaction: one begins to have a desire to be alone, have a very high imagination and enjoy an atmosphere of solitude, solitude prolonged atmosphere makes people enjoy the solitude and lead to the emergence of fantasy - fantasy false, if the fantasy - the fantasy turns into a real perception and perception is believed by the person in question will begin to speak for themselves, speak with fantasy etc.
  2. Having trouble orienting time, people and places. A person experiencing an inability to remember where it is located and at what she was, a person with this orientation difficulties occur because the memory is just spin on the problem - a problem that he thinks, so he lost the ability to recognize the time and place.
  3. Experiencing memory loss and severe cognitive power: when asked to perform a simple calculation then he is not able to do with ease, an easy calculation becomes a difficult task for them.
  4. Neglecting appearance and personal hygiene: people with psychiatric disorders ignore the appearance and personal hygiene, self-image negativ so they assume the appearance is not important, even some people with severe mental disorders are bare and not wearing roam Everywhere - everywhere.
  5. Having emotional lability: can experiencing rapid mood changes, changes fluctuating makes difficult mental disorders to be controlled, which is very light stimulus could make them angry or even sad excess excess.
  6. It has a strange behavior: locked himself dikamar, talking to himself, laughed to himself, angry over a light stimulus, arrived - arrived crying, walking - paced, running without a clear direction and purpose.
  7. Have an aversion to do everything: they are trying not to do anything - anything even angry when asked to do anything - anything.
If you find some of these symptoms, it is good to immediately bring the person concerned to the psychiatrist, Doctor Specialist Mental, Mental Hospital or Clinic Healing mental disorders so that patients could still be helped as soon as possible.

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