Nanda - Ineffective Individual Coping - NIC NOC

Defining characteristics:
  • Sleep disorders
  • Chemical abuse
  • Decline in the use of social support
  • Poor concentration
  • Fatigue
  • Complained about the inability of coping
  • Destructive behavior toward self / others
  • The inability to meet the expectations of the role

Related factors:
  • Gender differences in coping strategies
  • Confidence level is inadequate
  • Uncertainty
  • Ineffective social support
  • Situational crisis / maturasional
  • The degree of high-level treatment

NOC Labels: Coping

Expected outcomes:
  • Shows the flexibility of the role
  • Shows the flexibility of the role of family members
  • Conflict issues
  • Can set the value of family issues
  • Manage the problem
  • Involving family members in making decisions
  • Express feelings and emotional freedom
  • Shows a strategy to manage the problem
  • Using stress reduction strategies
  • Care for the needs of family members
  • Determine priorities
  • Determine the timetable for the routine, and family activities
  • Schedule for respite care
  • Have a plan on the condition of gravity
  • Maintain financial stability
  • Seeking help when needed
  • Using social support

NOC assessment information:

1 = not done at all

2 = rarely done

3 = sometimes done

4 = often

5 = always done

NIC: Improved coping
  • Respect the patient's understanding of the disease process and self-concept
  • Appreciate and discuss the substitute response to the situation
  • Respect the client's attitude toward the changing roles and relationships
  • Support the use of spiritual resources upon request
  • Use a calm approach and provide assurance
  • Provide information about the actual diagnosis, and prognosis handlers
  • Provide a realistic option at this aspect of care
  • Support the use of appropriate defensive mechanism
  • Encourage family involvement in an appropriate manner
  • Help patients to identify positive strategies to overcome these limitations and to manage lifestyle and role changes
  • Help clients to adapt and anticipate changes in client
  • Help clients identify the possibilities that can occur.

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