Anemia Effects and How to Overcome

Blood deficiency or anemia is a disease that can strike anyone, anytime. The effects of anemia are inherently different in each person:
  • In adult men: weak, tired, lethargic, and neglect, as well as dizziness, usually accompanied dizzy eyes.
  • In children: anemia can reduce learning ability and concentration, inhibited physical growth, brain development, and increase the risk of infectious disease.
  • In women: anemia lowered immune system so easily hurt, lower work productivity, lowered fitness.
  • In adolescent girls: lower learning ability and concentration, impair growth, so the height is not optimal.
  • In pregnant women: a moment can cause bleeding, or during childbirth, increasing the risk of having a baby with low weight, whereas in patients with severe anemia may cause the death of the pregnant mother and the baby.
Overall, anemia can also result from the body's metabolism is not smooth. This disease can be treated with blood booster drugs, and dietary intake of green, which supports such as soybeans, because the nutrients can make the symptoms of anemia was reduced and then disappeared, this is because the body's immune system may increase again.

Consuming soy on a regular basis can increase the body's metabolism and immunity, because the high levels of isoflavones found in soy beans. Besides soybeans rich in vitamins A, B, E, calcium and phosphorus.

Many ways to enjoy soy beans, with a wide range of processed products, one that I like most of the processed soy is soy milk, which is easily obtained with the cheap but still healthy and definitely delicious.

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