Nursing Care Plan for Cancer

Nursing care plan for cancer is a guideline in providing care for cancer patients. And made reference to nurses to provide care for cancer patients. Nursing Care Plan for cancer, there are many types, depending on the type of cancer that occurs. For breast cancer, skin cancer, etc.. So expect any patients suffering from a cancer can be given optimal service.

Differentiated cancer based on tissue of origin. For mesodermal tissue that consists of connective tissue, bone, cartilage, fat, muscle to blood vessels called sarcoma.

Osteosarcoma, the bone cancer. And carcinoma is a cancer that is in the epithelial tissue, such as the mucous membranes and glands such as breast cancer, ovarian cancer, and lung cancer. Then myeloma on bone marrow cancers, while blastoma for blood cancers.

There is a term metastatic. Metastasis is the ability of cancer cells to move from one place to another. This switching capability that makes cancer so dangerous because it makes the cancer spread and invade multiple organs at once. Migration of cancer cells from one place to another can be through the blood vessels, lymph vessels, tissue sticking, and in the body cavity.

Regarding the treatment of cancer, there are three main treatment in patients with cancer, through surgery, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy. Surgery is done if the cancer tumor is still small conditions.

Surgery is also not alone, but is usually accompanied by radiotherapy and chemotherapy. On radiotherapy, used laser light (X-rays) to kill cancer cells and is done only in part affected by cancer. It is intended to create damage in other tissues, while chemotherapy to destroy any remaining cancer cells in the body.

In the nursing care plan for cancer, nurses have a very important role, so that the healing process of patients, can take place smoothly. Nurse's role in providing support to patients by diagnosis.

Nurses also find out, psycho-social needs of patients and the spiritual. Nurses also must meet the fluid needs, and patient nutrition in addition to helping clients to succeed through the healing phase. Nurse roles are very important, described in detail in the nursing care for cancer.

Nursing interventions, is the handling of the patient based on conditions.

Nursing interventions, such as the condition of the patient based on the risk of infection, risk of bleeding, the risk of impaired tissue perfusion, fluid balance disorders, and other risks.

Professional nurses are needed in the treatment of cancer and other diseases. Important guidelines to realize that professional nurses and responsive in dealing with cancer.

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